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For all the V ery B eautiful A nd C ourageous Mamas out there... My Journey to a VBAC from Lindsey Meehleis on Vimeo . [...]

Thanks to the wonderful Laurie Brant for sharing this: I'd heard of women singing throught their labor but this video is abso... [...]

This is why I believe in birthing at home... [...]

I recently talked about my friend's elective cesarean for her breech baby. Recently, we had an open-hearted chat about how she had been... [...]

Hello beautiful mamas, I haven't posted in ages here despite having tons to write about! I had a very busy month of July, attending the... [...]

It's summer her in Vancouver. Which means plenty of long, warm hours outside whether on the beach or in the garden. The perfect time to ... [...]

Just a reminder that all pregnant mamas out there deserve choices in childbirth... Many thanks to the wonderful yoga instructor and former d... [...]