A review of Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy

I was very fortunate to win a copy of Laura Keegan's Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy in a giveaway: the book was in my mailbox yesterday! I must say I had read so many good reviews about it, I had no qualms whatsoever including it the virtual library of Birthing Goddess.

It's very obvious that Laura poured a lot of her own experience as a mother in this book. The photographs are stunningly beautiful and it's a book you would want to have on your bedside table as a breastfeeding companion. In addition to the useful information on proper positioning and how to deal with common issues, it also explains at length how to breastfeed twins, showing beautiful pictures of twins nursing, gazing at each other and at mom. The book really focuses on the relationship between mother and baby. The benefits of breastfeeding are well-documented so such an approach is a nice addition to your classical breastfeeding books.

There is a particular emphasis on nursing skin to skin. In a time when nursing mothers are often shamed for breastfeeding in public, it's nice to see photos of women and their babies in such a natural and peaceful moment. I remember how spending time skin to ski really helped my son get over the hurdles of our early breastfeeding issues. One of our favorite moments of the day is still when we both settle in a warm bath for a long evening nursing session. It helps us both wind down and get ready for sleep. I cherish those moments with my baby because I know they will only last a short time in his life. 

As I read on my newsfeeds about mothers who were harassed for breastfeeding in malls or at ballgames, it's nice to see a book portraying breastfeeding in such a beautiful way! We are at a time where breastfeeding is still shunned by many because of our love/hate relationship with women's breasts and nudity. Showing around this kind of book may help slowly change absurd mentalities. I am more than certain this will be a great teaching tool for prenatal and breastfeeding classes!  I'm actually on my way to share it with a pregnant friend! Many, many thanks to the lovely Laura for this feel-good book!

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