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Birth of the Leaf Lady
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 There is something untamed about women. Sometimes hidden, sometimes not, this streak of wilderness carries women’s inner lives, their passions, their creativity, their life-force. The wild women are the ones that are changing our world, nurturing creative ways to live better with our earth and with its creatures.

The wild women has always been a target. It would be simplistic to say that men are the ones that are afraid by the wild women. Truth is other women sometimes are too... Dogmatic religious zealots hate the wild women and throughout the ages have done their very best to exterminate them through witch hunts, burnings, religious bans of every sort or ridiculous laws. 

But the wild woman persists, she is still lurking in the woods, dancing with animals, cultivating her garden and giving life in a roar of laughter and a thunderous cry. She makes people uncomfortable because, deep inside her, life is bubbling. She likes the crimson colors of love and passion. She dabbles with medicinal herbs and talks to wolves. She knows the art of healing with the touch of her hands, she paints vivid pictures, sculpts fantasies and sings to the moon. She wants to birth her children under the starry skies or under ancient redwoods. She believes in her power. She knows the pains of life and death. 

When she gives birth, all the powers of the universe are unleashed. There, she is at the might of her beauty. She is also most vulnerable. That’s when the greedy and the power-hungry recognize the need to quell her untamed wilderness. She is sometimes stopped in her flight, strapped down, put under and cut open. She is sometimes violated or even mutilated. Violence leaves a bad taste in her mouth, brings tears to her eyes but she will not be broken. Somewhere inside her, the crazy untamed wild woman is still there, waiting for her moment to lash out and regain her power.

The archetype of the wild woman has been studied and recognized by psychologists and social anthropologists. This archetype is the one that should guide the way for those who are working to give women a better alternative to give birth to their children. It’s already leading the many women who are fighting for their sisters’ rights, be they rights to be educated, to decide for themselves, rights to control their reproductive health, rights to say yes or to say no, rights to be themselves. I believe that the more some fearful people will try to stop the wild women, the more they expose themselves to a powerful back-lash.

Instead of teaching our daughters to be the “good little girls”, we should nurture the wild women in them, teach them to believe in themselves and not to feel compelled to please everyone. Maybe then will we find the power to change the way birth is viewed and dealt with by our society. Maybe then will the wild women feel free to birth as they should, in charge of their bodies and in charge of their choices...

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  1. Oh I love this post. And I think you are right. Our daughters need to feel their primal nature. TO be comfortable with what makes them women. To be comfortable with their bodies and their passions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this post. Crunchy Carpets linked to it, and I'm so glad that I stopped by. I am working hard to honour my daughter's inner wild woman. It's tiring, sometimes, to contend with the wildness. But I have faith that it will pay off, for her, and for the world around her.

    Now I think I have to go and bay at the moon. ;)

  3. This is great. I love it! Wild woman found on the path to birth (#3), finally.

  4. what an incredible journey you<ve had Ethologic Mom! Go wild woman!

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