Milkies milk-saver

Hello beautiful mamas! I haven't been posting much lately, caught-up in so many things!

I just discovered this incredible product for breastfeeding moms: the milk-saver. I have to get my hands on one to try it out! 

This little device is said to help save the milk that would otherwise just leak into your bra, your nursing pad or your shirt. It collects the milk that is let-down from the breast your baby is  not nursing on. Saving more milk for your baby or for the Donor Milk Bank. It is BPA-free and the website says it will help you be more environmental-friendly by avoiding the use of disposable nursing pads. I never used disposable pads, I have some lovely organic cotton ones from Mama Goddess Birthshop and actually hardly ever leak anymore, but it may be a good idea for some mamas who just leak all over. I'm thinking this could also help some moms with low milk supply.

I'd love to hear from mamas who've tried it. Does it work well for you?

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