Body image post-partum

Do you sometimes stand in line at the grocery store staring at all the celebrity magazines on the rack wondering how it is that celebs always seem to snape back in shape within weeks after having a baby? Do you sometimes look at your pre-pregnancy clothes and long for your flat belly and skinny thighs? Do you sometimes feel like its utterly unfair that your friends who had a vaginal birth just seemed to loose their belly so much faster than you? Do you hate your cesarean scar or your stretch marks?  Do you just feel like nursing bras are the least sexy underwear you've ever worn? Body image postpartum can be challenging and sometimes negative. Let's bring back some positive!

Well, here are some things to check out:

  • Shape of a Mother: I just love that site, it really shows you real-life mamas with their battle scars and bellies. It may not be as glamorous as the nip n' tuck airbrushed magazine photos, but it sure shows how good mamas really look! Low self-esteem after a pregnancy can lead to PPD so it's good to remind ourselves that getting back in shape after having a baby sometimes takes time and that you should really love your body for the amazing work it did and still does.
  • Navelgazing midwife just launched a new website on cesarean scars, if you'd like to talk about your scar and contribute this can be a way to share your feelings and emotions.
  • Vagina Pagina also has a page on cesarean scars with photos and photos of what real female nether parts look like, especially after delivering a baby (nope, the porn actresses actually don't really look that "normal"...). I love that they support a body and sex-positive environment.
  • Hot milk has some wonderful nursing bras for the beautiful mamas. I noticed that wearing nice underwear instead of worn-out postpartum panties and ugly nursing bras actually made me feel a lot better about my body image!

Our society supports a weird idea of what the female body should like. Even when we are educated women with a strong self-esteem, it can sometimes be challenging to deal with body image, especially after pregnancy. I actually noticed that men on the other hand, are actually quite attracted to round curvacious mamas! So time to forgo our strict diets and forceful exercise for some fun things to do! Instead of hitting the gym with a sense of duty, let's just take some fun salsa or flamenco classes. Instead of hiding underneath concealing pregnancy clothes, let's show off our bountiful sexy cleavage! (yes, even with milk stains...)  I remember seing this really funny french comic strip with a woman and her husband after her pregnancy: he was calling her his lovely tiger-woman for all her stretch marks! I like that idea of being a feline cat-woman! I've also heard of mamas referring to their cesarean scars as "belly smileys", because despite the hard feelings and the trauma of their births, they still cherish their little "special delivery" babies.

As spring is blooming, mamas all aroung are reconnecting with their earthly beauty, we should celebrate that goddess beauty! Just like our ancestors worshipped very curvacious, very pregnant and full of life goddesses:

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