Babywearing is for dads too!

At home, little Liam gets worn a lot, both by mom and dad. We have a Mei Tei carrier we use a lot, a sling (we seldom use), a wrap (Liam loves it) and a hiking carrier for when we go trekking in the backcountry. We almost ever use our stroller and Liam loves watching the world from a high vantage point! We use our wrap and our Mei Tei to parent him to sleep, to get things done around the house, to go shopping... 
The Feminist Breeder posted a link to this great website with pics of dads wearing babies. I just thought it was a great idea to show people that dads can easily master the art of babywearing. Baby wearing is for dudes too! It's a fun way to bond with baby. And play the Wii or Guitar Hero for the matter...

The huz and I were actually discussing the fact that dads have changed a lot in recent years. A lot of dads are more and more involved in caring for babies and are not afraid to show their daddy skills out there. Even if there still is a lot to do before equality in parenting really becomes mainstream, I think these dads deserve some credit for showing off their attachment parenting skills!

The huz and Liam on the beach, a couple of days ago

Wearing a few-weeks-old Liam on a hike

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