Medical rape practices : where are the feminists?

This week, the Globe and Mail published an article about the way med students in Canada are asked to perform internal pelvinc exams to women under anesthesia , unrelated to their surgery. Of course, no one has thought of asking these women for their consent... This unethical practice is absolutely revolting and should be banned right away. Studies have proven that, if asked for their consent, most women will gracefully allow the students to perform the exam. But this? It amounts to no less than violating these women. Something doctors seem to overlook a bit too often, as if their position allowed them to treat women like a piece of meat without feelings or a conscience. 

This type of very violent practice can also be seen in labour and delivery rooms around the country, where many women are submitted to a number of unecessary and often painful pelvic exams while birthing their children. It is time for women to say NO to these practices. it is time for the medical world to stop considering that their duty to save lives puts them above respecting their patients' dignity. As Bad Moms club puts it "Bad Moms don't like non-consensual nether-probing", most likely that good moms don't like it either...

You can sign Bad Mom's petition to end this practice here or browse around Twitter tweets with the hashtag #noconsent

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